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Q. What is included on the site.

A. All of our sites come with a picnic table and fire ring. 

Q.Oh a fire ring! Should we bring our own firewood?

A. You absolutely can if you are bringing it from within the state of Maine. We sell firewood boxes complete with newspaper and kindling (not to mention we deliver it to your site!). State regulations prohibit any firewood from outside states. If you would like to know more, read here.

Q. Can we bring our dog?

A. YES! We welcome the furry children. We just ask that you follow our pet policy:

  • We do not welcome any aggressive dogs into our campground.  

  • Your dog needs to be leashed at all times.   

  • Please pick up after your dogs. 

  • Dogs are only to be left at the campground if they are in an air conditioned environment. Excessive barking is not permitted.  

  • You are responsible for your dog’s behavior. 

Q. I want to do some you sell licenses? 

A. Though we do not directly sell them, we would be happy to help you get one online in the office. For your convenience, you can buy your license ahead of time for your trip. Click here to get your fishing license.

Q. Do the tent sites have water and electricty?

A. Our tent sites do no have any water or electricity. There is a dishwashing station, accessibility to fill up water, and full bathrooms in the office area. We also have electrical outlets available to utilize in the office and game room area. Camping is always a great way to "unplug"

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